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Grab four co-workers and create a Vanpool. Get a free commute vehicle!

Vanpools with five or more Stanford colleagues can lease a commute vanpool for free!


Want to improve your commute to Stanford? Join a vanpool!

A commuter vanpool is a group of five or more employees who commute to and from work together. Most vanpool members can choose to ride on a full-time or occasional basis, depending on their schedule. The vanpool driver can use the vehicle for free personal use.

Employees who are eligible for the Commute Club can join a Stanford vanpool for free

  • Receive up to $300 per year in Clean Air Cash (if eligible)
  • Receive a 100% vehicle subsidy, including free insurance and vehicle maintenance
  • Enjoy riding in the carpool lane and split the cost of bridge tolls with FasTrak
  • Reduce wear and tear on personal vehicles
  • Reduce personal auto insurance premiums based on reduced miles driven each year

Join or start a vanpool, or request a carpool permit via the online portal.

Or, to join an existing vanpool, visit https://transportation.stanfor...

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Bus and Train

Clipper Card

Make commuting to work and traveling around the Bay Area easy.

Guaranteed Ride Home

Get a back-up ride home from work during unexpected times!

Corporate Lyft Account

Use Lyft for business trips and ride for free!
Bus and Train

VTA SmartPass

Where would you go if you could ride for free?
Bus and Train

Caltrain Go Pass

Have you used the FREE Caltrain Go Pass on your Clipper Card yet? What are you waiting for?

Bike Program

Ride a bike to work and enjoy the benefits!
Bus and Train

AC Transit EasyPass

Commuting from the East Bay? Enjoy a free ride.
Cash Benefits

Pre-tax Commuter Benefits

Want to save money on transit, vanpool, and parking expenses? HealthEquity has you covered.
Cash Benefits

Pre-Tax Parking Benefits

Save money on commuter parking expenses with pre-tax benefits!
Cash Benefits

Clean Air Cash

Ditch the parking permit and earn $25/month
Car, Bus and Train

Lyft Pass + Caltrain

Ride Caltrain? Get a free Lyft to Watson Court & Palo Alto Labs
Car, Shuttle

Santa Clara Park & Ride

Enjoy free parking and a comfortable ride from the Santa Clara Park & Ride lot to Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital and 500 Pasteur.
Car, Shuttle

Campbell Park and Ride Lot & Shuttle

Enjoy free parking and a comfortable ride from the Campbell Park & Ride lot to Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital and 500 Pasteur.

Pasteur Staff Garage Carpool Program

Enjoy a stress-free ride with your coworkers to the main hospital campus.