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Clean Air Cash

Get Rewarded for your Sustainable Commute

When you choose a sustainable commute and do not purchase a parking permit, you can qualify to earn $25 per month with the Clean Air Cash 2023 trial. If you do not have an alternative to driving alone, now is the time to start!


Thank you for choosing a sustainable commute

If you ride a bike, take transit, or use a park & ride lot and meet eligibility requirements, you can sign up to join the commute club to receive $25 for each month!

To qualify for the Clean Air Cash 2023 trial, you must be a full-time, benefits-eligible, day shift employee of Stanford Health Care or Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, working 100% onsite at the Stanford Medicine Palo Alto campus. You must not purchase any monthly Stanford parking permit, and may only purchase up to 4 daily permits per month to maintain eligibility.

Remember - if you purchased a monthly parking permit and want to participate in the Clean Air Cash 2023 trial, you will need to return or cancel your monthly permit before the start of the new month.

At this time, Stanford University employees, hybrid workers, remote workers, offsite staff, swing/evening/ night shift, and rotational staff are not eligible for the trial program.

Join the Clean Air Cash 2023 trial to receive payments as a credit on your pay check for each month you are a part of and eligible for the Commute Club. To earn the credit for any month, you must sign up before the end of that month and have qualified for the entire month. For example, to receive a credit for June 2023, you must sign up no later than June 30th and have met all eligibility requirements for the entire month.

You may sign up to enroll here: https://transportation-forms.s... or unenroll at https://transportation-forms.s...

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