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Corporate Lyft Account

Use Lyft for business trips and ride for free!

Eligible employees can request Lyft rides for business related trips at any time or place. Use the Lyft app to bill qualifying business trips to Stanford Health Care. No expense reports needed!

Sign up to be approved to use Lyft for business trips and use Lyft for Business instead of driving! With a Lyft for Business account, business-related trips will be billed directly to Stanford Health Care from the Lyft app. No expense reports needed


Approved employees of Stanford Health Care.

Use Lyft door-to-door service for business purposes and save the time it would take to park and walk. Employees can make productive use of time by conducting business during the Lyft ride. When you use Lyft instead of driving, it removes the need to have a personal car at work. This gives you the freedom to choose alternative commuting options, such as carpool, vanpool, transit, shuttles, or bicycling to work

  1. Download the Lyft app and establish a personal Lyft account*.
  2. Go to SHC Connect and connect to “SHC ServiceNow”
  3. Click on “Request Services”
  4. In the “Categories” box, select “Access”
  5. Select “Other Access” on the Access Request form and write “Lyft for Business” in the Notes/Comments section.
  6. Enter your Business Justification and then submit the form
  7. When your request is approved, you will receive an email invitation from Lyft to set up your Lyft Business profile. Set up your Business profile.
  8. When booking Lyft rides, select if each trip is a Business or Personal trip using the purple highlight on the Payment screen on the bottom left.
  9. Enjoy the ride!

* A personal Lyft account is necessary to establish a Lyft for Business account. Your Personal Profile and Lyft for Business Profile will be connected to your singular Lyft account. Trips made on your Lyft for Business profile will be billed to SHC. Trips made on your Personal profile will be billed to you. This makes it seamless to switch between your Personal Profile and Business Profile without having to sign in and out of two separate Lyft

Deactivate your account here: https://www.stanfordmedicinetr...

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Bus and Train

Clipper Card

Make commuting to work and traveling around the Bay Area easy.

Guaranteed Ride Home

Get a back-up ride home from work during unexpected times!
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VTA SmartPass

Where would you go if you could ride for free?
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Caltrain Go Pass

Have you used the FREE Caltrain Go Pass on your Clipper Card yet? What are you waiting for?

Bike Program

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AC Transit EasyPass

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Pre-tax Commuter Benefits

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Pre-Tax Parking Benefits

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Clean Air Cash

Ditch the parking permit and earn $25/month


Grab four co-workers and create a Vanpool. Get a free commute vehicle!
Car, Bus and Train

Lyft Pass + Caltrain

Ride Caltrain? Get a free Lyft to Watson Court & Palo Alto Labs
Car, Shuttle

Santa Clara Park & Ride

Enjoy free parking and a comfortable ride from the Santa Clara Park & Ride lot to Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital and 500 Pasteur.
Car, Shuttle

Campbell Park and Ride Lot & Shuttle

Enjoy free parking and a comfortable ride from the Campbell Park & Ride lot to Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital and 500 Pasteur.

Pasteur Staff Garage Carpool Program

Enjoy a stress-free ride with your coworkers to the main hospital campus.