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Pasteur Staff Garage Carpool Program

Save money and enjoy a stress-free ride to the main hospital campus with your coworkers!

The 500 Pasteur - Pasteur Staff Garage (PSG) carpool program is a new commuting option that will allow staff to receive free or discounted parking at PSG. The more people you ride with, the more you will save - carpool today!

Reduce carbon footprint
Automatic gate-entry
2 people in a carpool receive a 50% parking discount
3 or more people in a carpool park for FREE

How the Carpool Program Works

1. Enroll Your Carpool Group

  • Fill out the easy carpool sign-up form to set up your carpool group or to request to be matched with other carpoolers
  • Once your information is submitted, Transportation Services will confirm and register your carpool group into the parking system

2. Book a Daily Parking Permit

  • Use the Stanford Medicine Parking App to conveniently book daily parking permits to the Pasteur Staff Garage

3. Carpool to the Pasteur Staff Garage!

Sign Up

Stanford Medicine Parking App Guide

Use the Stanford Medicine Parking App to book a parking permit at the Pasteur Staff Garage. If you already have a Stanford Medicine Parking Account, you may skip this step.

1. Download the Stanford Medicine Parking app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Alternatively, you may visit:

2. Open the app and select “Sign-up” to create a new account

When asked if you are a Stanford Medicine Employee, select “Yes”

3. Once the account registration form within the parking app is completed, you will be prompted to enter a confirmation code sent to you by text or email

Within 24-48 hours you will receive a confirmation email that your account has been approved

Fill out the Carpool Program Sign-up Form to ride with others and save money on your commute!

Go to the Carpool Program Sign-up Form

  • To sign up, enter the work email addresses of your carpool partners
  • In the form, there will be a question asking if you would like to consider being matched with additional carpool partners
  • Once the carpool sign up form is submitted, Transportation Services will send a confirmation email within 24-48 hours
Sign Up

The driver that is designated for the carpool group will be the one to purchase the Pasteur Staff Garage parking permit. Please follow the steps below to purchase a parking permit:

1. Open the Stanford Medicine Parking App or use the website to login using your Stanford email address and password

2. The first time you log in, you will be asked to set up your location permissions. A pop-up will appear on your screen:

  • The carpool program requires your location to open the garage gates and to verify your carpool group
  • On iPhones, you will see 2 separate pop-ups:
    • For pop-up #1, please select “Allow While Using App” for the app to see your location
    • For pop-up #2, please select “Change to Always Allow"
  • Each member of your carpool group should have locations permissions allowed
  • If you already have the app, you can always modify locations permissions
    • For IOS, go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services > Select the Stanford Medicine Parking App > Select "Always"
    • For Android, touch and hold the Stanford Medicine Parking app icon from the home screen > select app info > Permissions > Location > Select "Allow all the time"

3. Next, you will see a screen showing your parking permit options

  • It will default to the current date until 4 PM the same day
  • Starting at 4 PM, you can book for the following day
  • Please note, parking at the Pasteur Staff Garage is extremely limited and permits are sold out within the first 20 minutes

4. Select "Find Parking"

5. Select the arrow with the parking permit price that is pointing to the 500 Pasteur Staff Garage. Then select “Book Now” at the bottom of the screen

6. A tab will show up displaying the details of the parking permit

7. Select “Carpooling Group” to identify who you will be carpooling with

  • You will see the list of everyone who is in your carpooling group
  • Select each person you will be carpooling with that day If you add 1 person from your carpooling group, your parking price will be reduced by 50%
  • If you add 2 or more people, your price will be free
  • Please note, actual pricing will depend on the number of people actually riding

8. To add payment information, select “Tap to add credit card”

If you need to update your payment method, please delete the old payment information before attempting to add a new one

9. Once steps 1-8 are completed, select "Book Parking" to confirm your reservation

10. After you have confirmed, you will be able to view your reservation on the “Reservations” tab in the app

It is easy to enter the Pasteur Staff Garage with your carpool riders. Simply pull up to the right entry gate of the garage, and it will open automatically.

1. When you arrive at the parking garage with your carpool riders, please enter via the right entry gate

  • Only the right gate should be used for carpool parking
  • When you pull up, the gate should open automatically

2. If the gate does not open:

  • Open the Stanford Medicine Parking app
  • Select "Reservations" at the bottom to view your reservation
  • Enlarge the QR code by selecting it
  • Scan the QR code at the entry machine to open the gate

Your carpool group must enter the garage together to verify the carpool group’s status. If any of the rider's status shows as "Not Scanned", the parking permit will revert back to the full price or to the price for the number of riders who are scanned. Please note, the carpool verification should automatically occur using your Global Positioning System (GPS) location.

1. Within 5 minutes of entering the garage, each rider’s status should automatically change to “Scanned”. This means that the carpooler is verified

Select the refresh button on the top right-hand corner if a rider's status does not change to "Scanned"

2. If riders are not automatically scanned within 4 minutes (there is a visible timer in the "Reservations" tab), each rider should enlarge their QR code and the driver must select "Scan Riders" to manually scan each rider's QR Code

3. All riders must be verified (scanned) within 5 minutes to receive the discounted carpool parking price

If any of the riders are not scanned, the parking permit will revert to the full price or to the price for the number of riders who are scanned

To exit the garage, open the reservation page in the app and select the exit lane (either the left exit lane or the right exit lane).

1. When you are ready to leave for the day, open the reservation page on the app – you should see two buttons: “Left Exit” and “Right Exit”

When you are pulling up to the garage exit gate, select the appropriate button to open the gate

2. If the open gate buttons are not working, scan the QR code from your reservation again at the exit machine

  • If you have trouble exiting, push the intercom button on the machine or call 650.736.8000
  • Please note, if you scanned your QR code upon entry, you must scan your QR code to exit

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